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list for Meeting tonight

Posted almost 3 years ago by Mandi Nehring

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Here is the master list for the meeting tonight. All the way to the right will see a "C" for confirmed or a "W" for wait list. If you are confirmed for the dinner tonight and are NOT going please text me ASAP as I have at least 5 people that woud like to attend that have contacted me. Unfortunately many of you received a voicemail just yesturday stating you were placed on a waitlist. View Event Here

Thank you and sorry about the inconvenience-

Mandi Nehring
Vice President
Cell # 941-809-8475


Paula Hochberg over 2 years ago

I had wanted to attend but with it limited did not want to take a seat that could be used by a working ARNP. Am glad to see so much interest in the topic .Paula Hochberg

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