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Protocol for Ordering Controlled Substances

Posted over 2 years ago by Mandi Nehring

So as we discussed in our June meeting, nurse practitioners are allowed to order controlled substances under physicians again starting July 1st, 2016 AS LONG AS there is proper documentation in your protocol that allows you to do so.

ORDERING AND PRESCRIBING are 2 different entities. NPs can prescribe and hold a DEA license starting in January 2017 once they have completed their training and CEUs.

Here is an example of what should be in your protocol: ( you may use this to copy and paste to your protocol if you need it)

B. Drug therapies that the ARNP may prescribe, initiate, monitor, alter, or order
include any medication which is within the scope of training and knowledge base
of the nurse practitioner. Controlled substances may be initiated by the ARNP
to implement a protocol that has been ordered by a physician for a particular
patient within the facility in which he/she practices after appropriate Federal
and State guidelines have been followed by the supervising physician.


Deborah Miller about 2 years ago

Can we use our existing DEA (from another state) to start prescribing?

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