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Scholarship for Dr Billie

Posted 6 months ago by Mandi Nehring

The Sarasota County Nurse Practitioners are pleased to announce the establishment of the:
Dr. Billie Walker Schmucker
To donate click here and scroll down to her name:
The Florida Nurses Foundation is pleased partner with the Sarasota County NP's to serve as the home for this fund which honors a long-time FNA Member.
           To memorialize and honor Billie Walker Schmucker’s work as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in the field of Mental Health, including her efforts in promoting APRNs by mentoring, collaboration and legislation
           To provide financial aid for educational expenses to a Nurse Practitioner student in the state of FL
Criteria for Award
           Preferential consideration will be given to a scholarship applicant who is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Student in the Mental Health Field of study, demonstrating a desire to establish a practice in the State of Florida, and is an active member in a local Nurse Practitioner group.
           If a candidate is not found to meet the above requirements, an APRN student in any field of practice who resides in Sarasota or Manatee counties will be considered
           If the above 2 criteria are not met, an APRN student in any field of study in any county of Florida will be considered
Funding of Scholarship
           Will be made by an establishing a fund to the FNA Foundation in the name of Dr. Billie Walker Schmucker of $10,000. This will provide for an annual scholarship reward of $500/year to a single recipient, in an ongoing annual award, that is permanent and perpetual. Funding and maintenance of the $10,000 will be achieved by any contributions made to the Dr. Billie Walker Schmucker Scholarship.            
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