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Another DNP Survey

Posted over 3 years ago by Mandi Nehring

Monica Webb MSN, ARNP, a Doctoral Student at Maryville University is inviting you to participate in a research study. The title of this study is: An Evaluation of Clinician Approach to Urinary Tract Infection in the Older Adult.

Your participation in this study will involve the completion of a 28 question electronic survey. The estimated time of your commitment is approximately 15-20 minutes. There are risks and benefits to all research. The risks to you as a participant in this study are minimal and only include the possible inconvenience of answering questions related to your role as a health care provider. There are no risks above and beyond normal everyday experiences. Participation in this study may benefit you by helping to identify any gaps that exist between clinician practice and current evidence based guidelines in the management of UTI in the Older Adults. If gaps are identified this could lead to quality improvement initiatives that may enhance the utilization of these evidence based guidelines, or perhaps the re-evaluation or modification of them. New information may also implicate a need for change in processes that could further optimize or enhance clinical outcomes for older adults with UTI.

The results of this study may be published in scientific research journals or at some point be presented at Professional Conferences. Results will be presented in aggregate form, your name and identity will not be revealed and your record and responses will remain anonymous. The information you share will be collected via the online software program Qualtrics which is protected by a firewall, with the IP tracker turned off. After completing the survey you choose to enter your name in an optional drawing to win one of three $ 50 gift cards for dinner at a local restaurant, your name and contact information will not be connected to the survey data.

Your participation in this study is completely voluntary and you may withdraw at any time. If you decide to not participate there will be no penalty or loss of any benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.

If you have any questions regarding this study, or if any problems arise, you may call the researcher, Monica Webb, ARNP at 941-330-4321 or Dr. Jennifer Gwin, DNP at 573-270-3959.You may also ask questions, state concerns regarding your rights as a research subject, or express any feelings of pressure to participate by contacting: Dr. Peter Green, Chair of the Institutional Review Board at Maryville University, (314) 529-9428. IRB Reference # 15-04.

Please follow this link to the Survey, or copy and paste the URL into your internet browser:

THANK YOU for your participation in this survey! Your expertise as a health care provider is recognized, and I am grateful for your time, consideration and response to these survey questions.

Catherine McAuley School of Nursing
650 Maryville University Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63141


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